Another Life Bird – Spruce Grouse!

I was driving home from work earlier this month and along a road I travel twice each day I saw a bird that I have never seen before, a Spruce Grouse!  The road is a two lane road with small working farms and fields.  Near the end of the road there is an area of dense woodland and just off the shoulder on the driver’s side was the bird.  I had a good look at him as I approached and drove by.  I tried to imprint what I was seeing so I could look it up as soon as I got home – oh how I wish I could have stopped and taken a picture!!   Anyway he was gorgeous, a good sized bird over a foot tall.  He was standing perfectly still as I drove by.  He was spotted black and grey, eye comb was red with tail that was black with white.  I knew that he had to be some kind of grouse and I quickly found him in my field guide.  I understand from my master birder that this was truly an amazing bird to add to my life list.

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