Checking out the Accommodations

Bluebirds are back and looking for nest boxes to build their nests.  Its been a couple of years since I had a pair make one of my bluebird houses home.  The lack of a Bluebird nest could be caused by the House Sparrows that compete for the same space – despite my efforts to clear out their nests.  It could be the Northern Mockingbirds that nest close by and chase the Bluebirds out of their territory.  Whatever the issue, I’m trying a new strategy.  I have removed most of my feeders, excluding the mealworm feeder to keep the bird traffic down in the yard.  I have replaced the current mealworm feeder with one that the Bluebirds can enter, but, the entrance is too small for the Mockingbirds.  I have also added a House Sparrow resistant birdhouse and installed that about 5-10 feet from the other birdhouse in the yard.  So far I have been rewarded with a pair checking out the new accommodations!!IMG_1621 IMG_1615

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