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Just sit and watch!

Over the last couple of days I had 30 minutes here and there where I was able to just sit down and watch the birds in my backyard.  It’s amazing that what you can see if you just listen and watch!!  In the last two days, I saw a Yellow Warbler in our Dogwood, a […]

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Baltimore Oriole Spotted!

Putting up my Baltimore Oriole feeder to attract those birds paid off today!  A beautiful male moved from feeder to feeder to check out what was for dinner.  Unfortunately, I haven’t changed the oranges and sweet jelly in a couple of days, so he didn’t stay too long.  I made a mental note to do […]

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Attracting Baltimore Orioles

Since I have seen Baltimore Orioles close to home, but, not at the feeders I decided to buy a feeder just for them.  I found a bright orange feeder that was made just for the Baltimore Oriole.  I stocked it with oranges and jelly and hung it up.   I kept checking it throughout the […]

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